Manometers—Used to measure pressure drops which can be translated into flow rates. Available in tube types, both U-Tube and inclined-vertical use a fluid in a tube to represent the difference in pressure between two points.

Digital manometers—Can provide very accurate readings at very low-pressure differentials, such as across air filters and expansion cooling coils. Can automatically adjust for barometric pressure, store readings with recall in average or total numbers, and some can provide additional functions such as temperature measurements.

Anemometers—Available in several configurations—rotating vane, deflecting vane, thermal—and used primarily to measure air velocities at registers, grilles, hoods, coils, etc.

Flow measuring hoods—Directly measures CFM of air distribution devices.

Temperature Measuring Instruments

Glass tube and dial thermometers—Measurement of air and fluid temperatures

Thermocouples—Measures surface temperatures

Psychrometers and electronic thermo-hygrometers—Determines relative humidity.


Instrument Details

The Alnor® Bolometer ® Capture Hood EBT721 is the industry standard for measuring air volume in order to balance buildings and verify air flow distribution. A balanced supply and exhaust will help ensure sufficient ventilation by meeting minimum air exchange rates, removing airborne contaminants which can affect air quality, and reducing operating costs. An ideal instrument to increase a buildings energy efficiency, the Alnor Bolometer Capture Hood EBT721 is used to check buildings’ pressurization, look at total amount of air coming into spaces and investigate temperature complaints with the optional temperature and humidity probe.

The Alnor Bolometer Capture Hood EBT721 is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument for reading air volume at diffusers, grilles, registers and linear slots. It is ideal for test and balance contractors, commissioning specialists, facility managers, engineers, and construction contractors. This light weight ergonomically designed product saves time and money while helping to create a healthy and energy efficient environment.


Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic design and ultra light weight for easy one person operation
  • Detachable digital manometer for use in other applications
  • Use with pitot, air flow, temperature, or relative humidity probes
  • Data logging and Log Data downloading software included for easy report generation
  • Pre-assembled hood frames save time on site
  • Multiple hood sizes available
  • Measurement range: 25–2500 cfm (42–4250 m3/h)
  • Back pressure compensation
  • Automatic density correction


  • HVAC commissioning.
  • Clean room certification.
  • Troubleshooting HVAC systems.
  • Testing and balancing HVAC systems.

Airflow Measuring Instruments


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